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FTS-100 Monitor Tester Load Switch Testers

FTS-100 Monitor Tester

The FTS-100 is a technologically superior monitor unit tester having the capability of simulating fault conditions and verifying expected responses under controlled conditions. The FTS-100 is capable of testing NEMA, Enhanced NEMA, Type 170, and Enhanced Type 170 monitor units with 3, 6, 12, 16, or 18 channels. The FTS-100 tests Load Management Systems and out-of-phase voltages as options.

Features of the FTS-100

LST-50 Load Switch Tester

The model LST-50 performs basic operational testing of NEMA TS-1 and TS-2 and Model 200 (170) load switch units. The LST-50 generates d.c. voltages necessary to test load switch units per these industry requirements. It determines whether a load switch turns a load on and off within specified d.c. input voltage and current levels.

An easy to use, GO/NO-GO testing approach is utilized. Simply plug the load switch unit into the industry specified 12-position socket and depress the Automated Test START button. The Model LST-50 then steps through the testing routine from start to finish. An audible tone and green light emitting diode (LED) acknowledge the load switch unit passed all applied tests. If a failure to pass any test occurs, testing is automatically halted on that test, a red LED indicator is lit and a distinctly different audible tone is generated. A second red LED indicator will be lit if the failure was due to excessive input current draw or a half-waving ouput. If the load switch unit has a shorted output, the LST-50 will detect the failure, stop the test and light a LED.

Manual testing is possible by selecting the Manual Test position and manually stepping through the Automated Test steps. Successful conclusion of the testing routine results in a green LED being lit. Manual Test operation permits a load output to be switched on indefinitely.

The Model LST-50 is self-contained providing its own 1 0 amp load (resistive) for each output. Power to the LST-50 is supplied from a standard 1 1 5 volt a. c. duplex NEMA 5-15R receptacle. Test jacks are provided for convenience of connecting a voltmeter for verification of applied voltages.

The Model LST-50 is designed and built by one of the largest manufacturers of load switches for over seventeen years! This product is used daily on our own production line to verify proper operation of thousands of load switch units. The Model LST-50 is designed to provide sufficient testing capability to verify operation of load switches, but is not intended to test all requirements that would be needed for certification.

The LST-50 identifies the following load switch failures:

  • Output remains on when the input is removed
  • Output will not turn on when input is applied
  • Output is on half wave
  • Excessive input current draw
  • Load switch turns on below the minimum allowed input voltage

Features of the LST-50

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